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Jack Anderson
KUTX 98.9
"By blending classic rock with roots R&B, ROXY ROCA creates an oily middle ground that oozes over generations of different styles... Lathered up in blues rock testosterone with guttural vocals, rugged guitar, piercing percussion and bottom-dwelling bass work that keeps the whole thing together, “The Nomad” will keep meanderin’ around your mind well after your first listen."
Andrea Ordonez
Texas Music Magazine
"Roxy Roca excels at giving what we’d expect from classic rock... tracks you blast in your car while you’re cruising or hanging out at the lake...
Taye Cannon’s confident vocals showing Roxy Roca really does know this genre."
Scott Saldinger
Almost Famous Magazine
"Roxy Roca's compelling performance marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the band, resonating deeply with their loyal fan base and signaling a promising and productive renaissance for their musical journey."

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