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With their latest single, ROXY ROCA comes out swinging, ready to reaffirm their claim as a rock band on the rise. The explosive new track titled “Your Love” goes from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds and brings high-energy rock ‘n’ roll throughout. The song also touches on deeper themes including human connection and the search for genuine love. Lyrically, lead vocalist Taye Cannon takes listeners on a journey describing one man’s transformation from a cynical bachelor on the prowl to a man grappling with true love for the very first time. 


“‘Your Love’ originated from the lyrical idea that chemistry with the right person can change one’s perspective on love,” said drummer Ryan Greenblatt. The transactional nature of dating today and the media’s portrayal of sex has warped our collective consciousness to believe love is a selfish and purely carnal endeavor, but we wanted to speak on how meeting the right person can flip that idea on its head, and heal a jaded heart. Add in some major guitar riffs and you get ‘Your Love.’”

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